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How To Reprogram Your Mind for Trading Success

How To Reprogram Your Mind For Trading Success

Anyone can talk about effective trading mindsets. But what does it really take to change your thinking and achieve trading success? In our last post, I talked about the incredible power of having a mindset of gratitude, and how it can greatly help your trading. A perceptive reader, aptly called Attitude Trader, mentioned that gratitude was Read More …

A Message to Those Who Think Trading Depends on Luck

A Message For Those Who Think Trading Depends on Luck

If you want to get on my bad side, tell me that trading involves a high degree of luck. Nothing gets me going more than that- especially if you’re very adamant about your view. I’m usually quite calm, composed, and level headed. But when I hear those words, they get under my skin. You see, Read More …

3 Ways to Avoid Getting Chopped Up By The Market

Chopped Up

It’s a common problem. You stick to your stops with discipline, you practice correct position sizing, and yet you find yourself still losing. While you managed to avoid any large disastrous losses through good risk management, you fell into another trap: death by a thousand cuts. For me personally, this was always my Achilles heel. I respected Read More …

How To Get Over a Trading Slump

How To Get Over a Trading Slump

This is a short snippet from our weekly group coaching calls that we hold for traders enrolled in our Professional Training Program. If you’ve ever had a trading slump and wondered how you can get over it, this may really help you. Tweet

There’s Only 2 Kinds of Traders Making Money

There's Only 2 Kinds of Traders Making Money

There are hundreds of trading styles out there. There are dozens of markets to trade. There are multiple time-frames to trade on. But there are only 2 kinds of traders that are making any money. And the only question you need to be asking yourself is: am I one of them? If you are one Read More …

The Counter-intuitive Way To Control Your Emotions In Trading

The Counter-intuitive Way to Control Your Emotions In Trading

I don’t know any trader who doesn’t struggle at times with their emotions. Likewise, I don’t know any trader who doesn’t wish that they could control their emotions better. Here’s an excerpt from an email I just received from a trader named Jill: I have a problem with hesitation. Even though I have a strategy Read More …

We Are Traders: A Tribute To All the Traders Out There

We Are Traders

When I’m trading, I like to have things that can quickly put me in the right trading mindset. I think it’s important for every trader to be able to place themselves in the right frame of mind before the day begins and during the day when losses, mistakes, or boredom can leave one in a Read More …

If I Could Teach You One Thing About Trading Success, This Is It

If I Could Teach You One Thing About Trading Success, This Is It

What if it was all wrong? The common advice you hear about trading, that is. What if it was, plain and simple, wrong? Have you ever really considered that? You’ve been told that you need to focus on simplicity. And that you have to find a few trusted setups to execute with discipline each time Read More …

What If You Could Trade With No Fear?

Choose Not To Fall

This is one of the most inspiring videos to me as a trader. Sometimes trading feels so hard- like it’s an uphill battle that feels impossible to win. But then you watch a video like this. You see what a person is capable of achieving using the power of their mind. And you sit there Read More …

Trading vs. Sports vs. Chess vs. Poker


I’m about to show you why you’re so lucky to be a trader. You may be going through some tough times. Maybe you’re a developing trader who’s still struggling to become profitable. Maybe you’re a beginner who’s overwhelmed by the complexity of it all. Maybe you’re a pro who’s going through a tough drawdown. Regardless, Read More …