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Las Vegas OpenTrader Meetup

Las Vegas

We traders are a special breed. We sit alone in front of the screen for hours waiting for opportunities. Maintaining constant focus. Concentrating. Immersing ourselves in the markets. And we do this day after day, with no human contact and no socializing. Most people could never do that. And we often wonder what other traders Read More …

Trading From The Other Side of The World


If you’ve been a follower of this blog, you might have been wondering where we are and why we haven’t been blogging lately. We’re still here, but we haven’t been resting. Quite the contrary, big things have been brewing in the last month or so. Up until now, I’ve been living Dubai, while my OpenTrader’s Read More …

We Are Traders: A Tribute To All the Traders Out There

We Are Traders

When I’m trading, I like to have things that can quickly put me in the right trading mindset. I think it’s important for every trader to be able to place themselves in the right frame of mind before the day begins and during the day when losses, mistakes, or boredom can leave one in a Read More …

A Message to Those Who Think Trading Depends on Luck

A Message For Those Who Think Trading Depends on Luck

If you want to get on my bad side, tell me that trading involves a high degree of luck. Nothing gets me going more than that- especially if you’re very adamant about your view. I’m usually quite calm, composed, and level headed. But when I hear those words, they get under my skin. You see, Read More …

Wake Up Call

Wake up call

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to wake us up. We pause for a second and become aware of our mortality. What if we’re not around tomorrow? Have we really fulfilled our potential? Have we made the most of the time we have? As Hurricane Sandy inflicts damage on the East Coast and lives are lost, Read More …

How Bad Do You Want It?

How bad do you want it?

So many traders talk about wanting to make it. But how many really do what it takes? How many have relentless work ethic? How many study the markets and their results endlessly until they build the required skills? Sadly, most just talk the talk. They like the IDEA of trading, but they don’t like what Read More …

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