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Interview: OpenTrader Student’s 6-Figure Month Trading E-mini Futures


Earlier today, we received an email from one of our students (Adam) who just had a 6-figure month trading the E-mini S&P Futures using the methodology we teach in the OpenTrader Training Program. He achieved this using relatively modest position sizing of 20-30 contracts per trade. Making over $100K in a single month is impressive on Read More …

3 Ways to Avoid Getting Chopped Up By The Market

Chopped Up

It’s a common problem. You stick to your stops with discipline, you practice correct position sizing, and yet you find yourself still losing. While you managed to avoid any large disastrous losses through good risk management, you fell into another trap: death by a thousand cuts. For me personally, this was always my Achilles heel. I respected Read More …

In Trading, When To Be Aggressive vs. Conservative

In Trading, When To Be Aggressive vs. Conservative

This is a snippet from our weekly group coaching call that we hold for traders enrolled in our Professional Training Program. One of the traders asked a question on when to be aggressive vs. conservative. In this video, we cover that question and provide a specific method on how to analyze the trading environment and Read More …

There’s Only 2 Kinds of Traders Making Money

There's Only 2 Kinds of Traders Making Money

There are hundreds of trading styles out there. There are dozens of markets to trade. There are multiple time-frames to trade on. But there are only 2 kinds of traders that are making any money. And the only question you need to be asking yourself is: am I one of them? If you are one Read More …

If I Could Teach You One Thing About Trading Success, This Is It

If I Could Teach You One Thing About Trading Success, This Is It

What if it was all wrong? The common advice you hear about trading, that is. What if it was, plain and simple, wrong? Have you ever really considered that? You’ve been told that you need to focus on simplicity. And that you have to find a few trusted setups to execute with discipline each time Read More …

Waiting for “Confirmation” Before Entering a Trade

How To Get Over a Trading Slump

A question we get asked frequently is whether we wait for “confirmation” before entering a trade, or if we just enter right at our Support or Resistance Zone without waiting for any confirmation. The short answer is: We do not wait for confirmation. Watch the video to learn why it’s a bad idea to wait Read More …

How to Correctly Interpret Market Internals (Breadth)

How to Correctly Interpret Market Internals (Breadth)

This is a snippet from the weekly group coaching webinar that we hold for traders enrolled in the OpenTrader Pro Training Program. In this video, Ziad explains how to correctly interpret market internals / breadth (NYSE Advance/Decline and NYSE TICK). Tweet

If You Can’t Do This In Your Trading, You Will Fail

If You Can't Do This In Your Trading, You Will Fail

There’s one thing that, if you can’t do, will virtually guarantee failure for you as a trader. It’s counter-intuitive because it actually seems like you shouldn’t do it. But who said good trading was intuitive? Not being able to do this one thing will be responsible for more missed opportunities than anything else I can Read More …

Do You Really Know Your True Trading Risk?

Trading Risk

No subject is more misunderstood than that of trading risk. I see so many varying opinions, and a lot of traders have major misconceptions about it. This is partially brought about by financial industry professionals and academia. I won’t get started on the value (or lack thereof) of most formal education, but I will say Read More …

Doing This One Thing Has Strangely Helped Me The Most In My Trading Career

Against Conventional Wisdom

This is a strange one. And it goes against conventional wisdom. But whoever said conventional wisdom was actually wise? Your trading career, like mine, may end up coming down to going against the crowd and doing the ‘unconventional thing’. So what is the unconventional thing that strangely helped my trading career the most? It’s… quitting. Read More …