E-mini S&P 500 Futures – Upside Breakout Trade

In my last educational video, I explained the “Failed Breakout / Unsustainable Highs” short trade from January 16. This video goes over the upside break-out that materialized the very next day (Thursday, January 17). It shows the contrast in the overall Context, Market Internals, Momentum, and explains the Long setup to take advantage of the upside break-out.

  • J

    Very nice, thank you guys.

    • http://blog.opentrader.com/ Awais

      Thanks, glad you liked it.

  • Komin

    Thank You for your insights once a time. I love it, and it really helps. Paul from Slovakia

    • http://www.opentrader.com/ Ziad Masri

      Glad you’re liking the videos Paul!

  • Shireen Singh

    Do you use Open Interest data like the niftytrader.in site?
    Could you please share a link to find the Open interest data for S&P and Dow?


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