How Bad Do You Want It?

So many traders talk about wanting to make it. But how many really do what it takes? How many have relentless work ethic? How many study the markets and their results endlessly until they build the required skills?

Sadly, most just talk the talk. They like the IDEA of trading, but they don’t like what you have to do to make it in this business. When they realize how much work it really is to become a good trader they become discouraged.

I love this video because it’s a reminder that you can have what you want. The question is how bad do you want it? Are you willing to do whatever it takes? 

Fortunately, if you’re reading this, you’re not homeless. And your situation is not nearly as bad as some others out there. So what are your excuses? If you want this, make it happen. You have the unlimited potential. Now just channel it with laser-like focus and don’t stop. Don’t stop until you’ve achieved your goal.


  • maciek618

    Thank you for the great motivational video ! There is really nothing to add… Besides maybe one of my favourite quotes “If something feels good, don’t do it”. It’s quite universal truth. In a market-wise sense, everything has it’s own price. If something is easy and ‘feels good’ it’s probably not worth following. Succeeding in trading is extremely tough – high price. But benefits are equally high. The most difficult part of it is a transition from the IDEA, as you said, to REALITY of trading with all the struggles involved. Having a strong belief that we are capable of achieving anything we want really badly, makes this transition much easier.

    • Thanks for the insights! I agree with you… traders always try to do what feels good and psychologically easy, while in reality doing what doesn’t feel natural is usually the most profitable course of action. This is a key skill that needs to be learned by every trader if they are to succeed.

  • That’s an excellent story! Every profession and sport we need to practise and learn, and somehow most people think for trading this is not required. Thanks for reminding me :-)

    • Absolutely Wessel… people somehow think that trading is just a pure numbers game and that if they figure out the “secret”, they’ll become multi-millionaires. In reality, trading is a numbers game / performance discipline hybrid. It takes serious skill development to become a pro.

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