How To Get Over a Trading Slump

How To Get Over a Trading Slump

This is a short snippet from our weekly group coaching calls that we hold for traders enrolled in our Professional Training Program. If you’ve ever had a trading slump and wondered how you can get over it, this may really help you.

Las Vegas OpenTrader Meetup

Las Vegas

We traders are a special breed. We sit alone in front of the screen for hours waiting for opportunities. Maintaining constant focus. Concentrating. Immersing ourselves in the markets. And we do this day after day, with no human contact and no socializing. Most people could never do that. And we often wonder what other traders Read More …

There’s Only 2 Kinds of Traders Making Money

There's Only 2 Kinds of Traders Making Money

There are hundreds of trading styles out there. There are dozens of markets to trade. There are multiple time-frames to trade on. But there are only 2 kinds of traders that are making any money. And the only question you need to be asking yourself is: am I one of them? If you are one Read More …

Trading From The Other Side of The World


If you’ve been a follower of this blog, you might have been wondering where we are and why we haven’t been blogging lately. We’re still here, but we haven’t been resting. Quite the contrary, big things have been brewing in the last month or so. Up until now, I’ve been living Dubai, while my OpenTrader’s Read More …

The Secret to Being a Trader Who Thrives Under Pressure

Thriving Under Pressure

We’ve all seen them. The clutch performers. The athletes who seem to thrive when the stakes are highest. While others break under the pressure, they make big play after big play to win games. But what’s their secret? And more importantly, how can you use it to become a better trader? Other than the big Read More …

Waiting for “Confirmation” Before Entering a Trade

How To Get Over a Trading Slump

A question we get asked frequently is whether we wait for “confirmation” before entering a trade, or if we just enter right at our Support or Resistance Zone without waiting for any confirmation. The short answer is: We do not wait for confirmation. Watch the video to learn why it’s a bad idea to wait Read More …

We Are Traders: A Tribute To All the Traders Out There

We Are Traders

When I’m trading, I like to have things that can quickly put me in the right trading mindset. I think it’s important for every trader to be able to place themselves in the right frame of mind before the day begins and during the day when losses, mistakes, or boredom can leave one in a Read More …

E-mini S&P 500 Futures Outlook Video – Jan 29, 2013

E-mini S&P 500

In this video, we share our E-mini S&P 500 Futures outlook for the next 2-3 days. The video goes over our directional bias and highlights the specific Key Support / Resistance Areas that we’ll be looking to trade. The market has been heading higher for 8 days now and is near the Key 1500 Level. Read More …

E-mini S&P 500 Futures – Upside Breakout Trade

E-mini S&P 500

In my last educational video, I explained the “Failed Breakout / Unsustainable Highs” short trade from January 16. This video goes over the upside break-out that materialized the very next day (Thursday, January 17). It shows the contrast in the overall Context, Market Internals, Momentum, and explains the Long setup to take advantage of the Read More …

Do You Constantly Sabotage Yourself?

Self Sabotage

Few people are likely to understand self sabotage more than traders. While it’s an innate tendency in almost all of us, traders get to experience it more often and more directly than most others. If you’ve traded for any period of time, you know what I’m talking about. It seems like whenever things start to Read More …