If I Could Teach You One Thing About Trading Success, This Is It

If I Could Teach You One Thing About Trading Success, This Is It

What if it was all wrong? The common advice you hear about trading, that is. What if it was, plain and simple, wrong? Have you ever really considered that? You’ve been told that you need to focus on simplicity. And that you have to find a few trusted setups to execute with discipline each time Read More …

What If You Could Trade With No Fear?

Choose Not To Fall

This is one of the most inspiring videos to me as a trader. Sometimes trading feels so hard- like it’s an uphill battle that feels impossible to win. But then you watch a video like this. You see what a person is capable of achieving using the power of their mind. And you sit there Read More …

Waiting for “Confirmation” Before Entering a Trade

How To Get Over a Trading Slump

A question we get asked frequently is whether we wait for “confirmation” before entering a trade, or if we just enter right at our Support or Resistance Zone without waiting for any confirmation. The short answer is: We do not wait for confirmation. Watch the video to learn why it’s a bad idea to wait Read More …

How to Correctly Interpret Market Internals (Breadth)

How to Correctly Interpret Market Internals (Breadth)

This is a snippet from the weekly group coaching webinar that we hold for traders enrolled in the OpenTrader Pro Training Program. In this video, Ziad explains how to correctly interpret market internals / breadth (NYSE Advance/Decline and NYSE TICK).

Trading vs. Sports vs. Chess vs. Poker


I’m about to show you why you’re so lucky to be a trader. You may be going through some tough times. Maybe you’re a developing trader who’s still struggling to become profitable. Maybe you’re a beginner who’s overwhelmed by the complexity of it all. Maybe you’re a pro who’s going through a tough drawdown. Regardless, Read More …

If You Can’t Do This In Your Trading, You Will Fail

If You Can't Do This In Your Trading, You Will Fail

There’s one thing that, if you can’t do, will virtually guarantee failure for you as a trader. It’s counter-intuitive because it actually seems like you shouldn’t do it. But who said good trading was intuitive? Not being able to do this one thing will be responsible for more missed opportunities than anything else I can Read More …

My message to traders who want to make it

My message to traders

It’s not meant to be easy to do all of this; in fact it’s meant to be very hard. If it were easy anyone could do it. Almost everyone knows what it takes; few can actually do it consistently. That’s the challenge. When adversity strikes even when you’re doing the right things, it’s not unfortunate Read More …

Does Trading Have to Be Such a Struggle For You?


We all know trading is very hard. Those who say otherwise are frankly full of BS. But does hard necessarily imply struggle? Struggle Is Not What You Think Let’s think about the definition of struggle. Here’s what the dictionary says: 1. To contend with an adversary or opposing force. 2. To contend resolutely with a Read More …

Do You Constantly Sabotage Yourself?

Self Sabotage

Few people are likely to understand self sabotage more than traders. While it’s an innate tendency in almost all of us, traders get to experience it more often and more directly than most others. If you’ve traded for any period of time, you know what I’m talking about. It seems like whenever things start to Read More …

How Mark Twain & NBA Shooters Can Make You a Better Trader

How Mark Twain & NBA Shooters Can Make You a Better Trader

There’s a lot to learn to become a good trader. A lot of market understanding, strategies, and techniques. But sometimes it’s the things that seem completely unrelated to trading that teach us the most about it. And our task is to find those analogies and to use them to our advantage. Find one different way Read More …