Trading From The Other Side of The World

If you’ve been a follower of this blog, you might have been wondering where we are and why we haven’t been blogging lately. We’re still here, but we haven’t been resting. Quite the contrary, big things have been brewing in the last month or so.

Up until now, I’ve been living Dubai, while my OpenTrader’s co-founder, Awais, has been in California. But we’ve always talked about trading with each other side by side in the same place. We felt that if we combined forces, we’d reach even higher levels of trading success, as our skill sets really complement each other. So to that end, I’ve made the big move! I’m now on the other side of the world in California, and we’ve been busy setting up the trading office. It’s almost ready, and we wanted to  show you guys the first pics of our set-up.

So here it is… my desk is on the left, and Awais’s is on the right. I had mine shipped over from Dubai so it’s the same set-up I’ve been used to for years.

Trading Office

We can’t wait to get started trading side-by-side. And we’re going to be sharing it all with you soon, showing you our trades, chronicling our journey, and giving you a peek into our personal lives as independent professional traders.

It’s going to be a great ride, and we plan on really pushing the envelope. Stick around and let us hear from you again!

  • J

    Cool, congrats on the move!

    • Ziad Masri


  • fxseekin

    Welcome to the west coast and good luck in your endeavors

    • Ziad Masri

      Thanks, much appreciated.

  • JeffreyLin

    Can’t wait to see OpenTrader HQ up and running!

    • Ziad Masri

      We can’t wait either Jeff!

  • Oskar

    Awesome. No other comment needed.

    • Ziad Masri

      Thanks Oskar :)

  • Komin

    Great motivating post for me ! Thanks. I am looking forward to all of it. Paul from Slovakia

    • Ziad Masri

      Good to hear Paul!

  • BenQD

    Hey Ziad, how many products do you trade, why the need for that many screens? what is on each screen used for (charts, DOM, news etc?)

    • Ziad Masri

      I trade the Emini S&P Futures predominantly, and a bit of Gold and Oil. As far as the screens, there isn’t an outright need for all of them. Awais and I always say that we could trade profitably off of one screen if we had to. But the screens are to look at other markets (to gain a bit of an edge from intermarket analysis), market internals, and things like that. For developing traders I always recommend to keep it simple and not look at too many things. 2 to 3 screens should be more than enough.

  • Michael B.

    Very cool guy’s, can’t wait to see some of your trades!

    • Ziad Masri

      We’re looking forward to sharing them Michael!

  • som

    Sweet office Ziad/ Awais. Can’t wait to see the screens light up :)

    • Ziad Masri

      Thanks Som :)

  • traderok

    Good luck and let the trend be your friend ;)

    • Ziad Masri

      Thanks :)

  • Erika

    Really excited for both of you., can’t wait to hear how it goes. The best to both of you.


    • Ziad Masri

      Thanks Erika! Much appreciated.

  • Jeff Wagner


    • Ziad Masri

      Thanks Jeff!

  • BVJ

    And now…Let the show begin!!!

    • Ziad Masri

      that’s right ;)

  • Josh

    Hi Guys, congrats for the new office!…looking good :)
    But why California, not the other round, i mean move to Dubai instead hehe…quite a nice country – tax free on income, free trade zone, good mix of cultures from all over the world…though the temperature can be a bit too warm there :) just my opinion…been working there in the construction industry few years back….All the best! Regards!

    • Ziad Masri

      Hey Josh… various personal reasons and also the fact that OpenTrader is a US company. The high tax here does suck, but life is about more than just money, so the positives outweigh the taxes :) And thanks for the wishes!

  • richard

    thanks for the update. its great that your dream has become a reality, trading side by side. keep pushing the envelope and thanks for pushing us.

    • Ziad Masri

      Thanks Richard. We’ll always keep pushing ourselves and our fellow traders to achieve more and grow in the process.

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