Wake Up Call

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to wake us up. We pause for a second and become aware of our mortality. What if we’re not around tomorrow? Have we really fulfilled our potential? Have we made the most of the time we have?

As Hurricane Sandy inflicts damage on the East Coast and lives are lost, take some time to think about your life. Are you living up to your potential? Are you growing and evolving as human being? Are you making your dreams a reality?

The beautiful thing about trading is that it’s not only a way to make a lot of money, it’s a way to master yourself and grow as a person. It takes dedication and effort, and yet what better use of our time can we make than that of realizing our full potential?

But a word of advice from personal experience. Don’t make it about empty striving. Make it about gratitude. Be thankful for what you have and with that attitude approach your dreams and ambitions. Then you’ll be realizing the potential that’s already there… instead of chasing external things that you think will make you happy. And that applies equally to life, as well as trading.

To all those people on the East Coast, our thoughts are with you.

  • Aaron T.

    Ziad, you’re the man. Your posts have been inspiring and spot on, in my opinion. You’re right. Trading does give you the opportunity for self mastery. Being a former division one collegiate baseball player (2011), I can’t help but see the similarities between athletics and trading, and, subsequently, how both can be applied to the game of life.

    I’m not sure how familiar you are with the game of baseball, but in baseball a .300 batting average is considered to be very good. So that means even the “good” players are failing 70 percent of the time. Therefore, in order to maintain consistency, one must learn to deal with failure. For me, the trick was acknowledging that there was only so much that I could control. I couldn’t go back and change any previous failures, so the next best thing was to focus on executing what I could control in the next at bat. And that was swinging hard at good pitches. Other than that, the result of the at bat was largely out of my hands.

    I think the same goes with trading. I can control taking a low risk entry in the context of larger timeframes in order to maximize potential rewards.

    In life all one can do is execute one’s daily agenda in the context of larger goals in order to maximize potential rewards. People spend too much time living in either the past or the future, and not enough in the present. And in my opinion, one major secret to trading and life is being able to separate yourself from what has happened (past) or what might happen (future) and focus on simply executing a solid game plan in the present.

    • Thanks for the great comment Aaron. I’ve personally used baseball analogies many times in my own trading, because I’ve always focused on large reward-to-risk instead of accuracy. So I always found it very helpful to imagine that I was a baseball player and feel what it would be like to not get a hit 70% or more of the time. It was always helpful.

      I totally agree what you said about the past and the present. In reality they’re just constructs of the mind, and they keep us imprisoned and functioning far below our potential in trading and in life.

      If you were able to play division one baseball, I’m sure you can have a great career as a trader. Best of luck to you and glad to have you on the blog! And thanks for the kind words.

  • Johhny Delgado

    Thanks for all you do bro. You are the best.

    • Thanks Johhny. much appreciated. And it’s my pleasure…

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