What If You Could Trade With No Fear?

This is one of the most inspiring videos to me as a trader. Sometimes trading feels so hard- like it’s an uphill battle that feels impossible to win. But then you watch a video like this. You see what a person is capable of achieving using the power of their mind. And you sit there in awe. Suddenly, things don’t seem so tough. You realize that you can achieve anything- even that which seems impossible- if you put your mind to it.

All it takes is a letting go of fear. You CHOOSE not to fall. You CHOOSE to focus on the moment and let go of the imaginary fear your mind creates. And then you see your true potential. Then you find out what you can really do.

So what’s holding you back in your trading? Is it fear? What if you could trade with no fear? Find that inspiration anywhere you can, and use it to achieve what others think is impossible. Because it’s not impossible. It’s a choice. And it’s yours to make.


  • One of my favorite videos!

    • Yeah it’s really a great one! Very inspiring…

  • Michael C

    Just want to thank you, I think you are doing a great job sharing your knowledge and talent, it is helpful for me and the other traders I am also trying to help

    • You’re most welcome Michael. It’s truly a pleasure to help fellow traders. Glad you’re finding it useful!

  • JZV

    No fear means no profit… finantial markets are a zero sum game, someone has to lose.

    • That’s definitely true. But the idea is that you don’t have to be among the ones letting fear rule you. And in that case, you can end up on the winning end of the zero sum game.

    • Sid Washington

      Thats wrong in my opinion. If pretty much all of the volume is institutions and a majority of institutions make money then how is it a zero sum game. The money is infinite and floods in from the world’s economy. How else do people keep pulling out. Dont tell me all the money is coming from the influx of new traders who keep losing their little 10k or 25k accounts and are probably less than 1% of volume.

      • Thanks for the comment Sid. But your assertion that the majority of institutions make money is incorrect. In fact, most mutual fund managers under-perform the market, and a huge number of hedge funds go bust and never survive. Just because they’re big and they’re trading millions and they make the markets move, it doesn’t mean they actually MAKE money consistently. Look at the case of LTCM from 1998. They were a $4 billion hedge fund operated by noble prize laureates. But they ended up losing it all due to their arrogance and lack of correct risk management. In the end, it is a zero sum game. There is huge money out there, but only a small portion of traders / money managers / institutions survive and consistently make money. That’s why some of the legends that have done it for years, like Cohen and Tudor Jones, can command incredibly high fees. They’re better than the rest, and they take their money on average.

        • Sid Washington

          Ok thanks for response. I heard that Cohen daytrades eminis in addition to managing all his people and their holdings. He is incredible. Wish I could watch him trade those “minis.”

          • Well, to be exact, the stock market is not zero sum. We can get overall wealth creation as the market continues to rise over time. But Futures are zero sum because they are contracts that are “created” (i.e. opened) and then they’re closed. There has to be a winner and a loser for each contract, and overall it evens out and is zero sum.

            As for your last sentence, that is the PERFECT mindset to have. There ARE huge piles of mine, and there IS plenty for all who are skilled. There are no boundaries to what you can make if you’re good, and vast quantities can come in short periods of time. Keep this positive mindset because whether you know it or not, it’s going to affect how much money you make in your career. So many traders look at the market from a wrong “scarcity” mindset. It’s great that you think this way, and it’s correct. Who cares if overall Futures is a zero sum game, when we’re talking about trillions overall? It’s not really applicable or practical to us. We can make countless millions whether it’s zero sum or not.

            And yes, I’d love to sit beside Cohen and watch him throw around 1000 lots. In fact, one day I plan to be doing it with him ;)

  • Good one Ziad! Thanks for sharing!

    • You’re welcome! Glad you liked it Albert!

  • Thank you for sharing this video. I’ve used this last weekend in rock climbing. “stay in the now” don’t look up or down just what is there and respond on it. It instantly improved my climbing as I would focus on the progress and not on the luring in-my-mind dangers. Now this week I’ll try to bring the climbing experience into my trading and see what it will add.
    Thanks for this post!

    • You’re most welcome Wessel! And thanks for the note… I think what you’re doing is very powerful and important. In my own trading, I’ve always tried to taking different experiences from life and integrate it to improve my trading. It really works because the mind loves to transfer learning naturally. Best of luck with it!

  • M.Samhan

    I read a lot of blogs and research a lot of traders and I really enjoy reading your blogs, we have a lot in common on the perspective of the markets.. Keep em coming

    • Glad you’re enjoying… more on the way ;)

  • D

    thank you. From a fellow prop trader, this clip and interview is amazing. I’m glad I run to it.

    • You’re very welcome! Glad you liked it.

  • I completely agree with you Michael C! Thank you Ziad!

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