My message to traders who want to make it

It’s not meant to be easy to do all of this; in fact it’s meant to be very hard. If it were easy anyone could do it. Almost everyone knows what it takes; few can actually do it consistently. That’s the challenge. When adversity strikes even when you’re doing the right things, it’s not unfortunate because greatness is not just about doing the right things, but about doing them even when they cause pain and discomfort. Weathering the tough times is the inherent prerequisite for being great.

Adversity is built into the game and therefore it’s not an unfortunate set-back that is keeping you from your potential; rather your potential is cut very short without being able to deal well with adversity. So expect great results long-term, but adversity and ups and downs short-term. It’s got to always be about doing the long-term beneficial, not the short-term pleasurable. And we don’t deviate from that, no matter the pressure. And we relish the opportunity to be mentally tough as adversity strikes when so many would wilt and when it feels so unnatural to be optimistic and confident. That is the real goal and priority.

Now keep conditioning. Constantly reprocess and replace any thoughts that aren’t in line with all of this. It will take a great commitment to unlearn old thinking patterns and instill a new way of thinking to the point of habit. And you can do it.



  • JDawg

    Nice blog

  • Leo

    Really enjoy your blog Ziad. Even with sound methods sometimes I struggle to turn my game around. It’s the usual mindset issues but when I run into them I always turn to your posts for inspiration/motivation and usually get that extra boost. Thanks for your generous contribution this year and hope you have a great new year!

    • That’s really great to hear Leo. Makes all the effort we put in to it even more worth it. Thanks and all the best to you too in the new year!

  • I’m a 24 years old chilean guy that start in all of this just the last year. It was so fascinating for me that i say “this is what i want to do for living”. So, i quit engineering (i was there only for my parents) and start bussines school and know i’ll take the financial master. Since the moment i quit the engineering i start living alone and just talking with friends i start a bussines where i take the money of clients and i trade it. And off course i put my lifetime savings there too. Well, in the bottom line, I have win and loose so many times and your blog is just that source of sincerity and advices i didn’t find anywhere !!! Thanks you for all this and please never stop sharing and helping !! you have a friend in Chile ;) !!!!

    • sorry about my english … isn’t perfect but i know you’ll understand me xD

      • Thanks for he comment Nicolaz! It’s great to hear that you’re benefiting from the blog. I wish you the best of luck in your trading career, and we’ll continue sharing our insights and experience to help. And your English isn’t too bad at all ;)

  • EasySkanking

    Thank you Ziad, I don’t only take your insights in terms of trading, but I take them “metaphorically” as well to fit in with personal challenges in my life. Sort of like how you take sports to teach you insights about success. I find that your insights in trading also apply to other aspects of life. So thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

    The gratitude practice has been tremendous for me also, and I’m finally starting to see “some light at the end of the tunnel”. You’re right, it isn’t easy, and the trick is to keep moving forward and I don’t know how but gratitude helps tremendously in the journey :)

    • You’re very welcome. It’s great to hear that the insights are helping you, and especially that you’re transferring them over to the other parts of your life. I’m always relating things from one area of life to another, and to trading, and back and forth, and it’s really all one. One lesson. One growth path. Appearing in different forms. So that’s great to hear that you’re doing the same and yes gratitude is just incredible in its powers.

  • agnnis

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  • Surely must say an professional blog. thanks for insights.

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