The Only Time It Really Matters

It’s easy when things are working out. Easy to be positive. Easy to think correctly. Easy to stick to the plan and be disciplined. But sooner or later you’ll face adversity. And that’s when you’re going to have your real test.

How you react to adversity is the only thing that really matters. The time that adversity hits is the only time that really matters because it will define everything that follows. Will you break down or will you keep the same positive and confident attitude?

It’s so easy to lose faith when things don’t go according to plan. It’s all too easy to forget all the work you’ve done on yourself and adopt a victim mentality. But there’s a way to avoid this. And that’s by reminding yourself of one thing when adversity hits:

This is the only time it really matters.

All your work, all your training, all your conditioning – this is what it’s for. Don’t be disheartened when things go wrong. Instead, realize that all that work is precisely for this moment. And how you handle it will determine your ultimate success.

Think about it. What truly separates the greats from the rest? It’s equally easy for everyone to think right and act right when things are going right. And this means that how they think when things aren’t going right is the only difference. It’s the real “secret”.

So from now on, don’t look at the bad times as unfortunate events that are happening to you. Rather, look at them as the only times that truly matter. How you handle these times will shape your trading and your life. Look at it as the goal. And accept the challenge.

P.S. This isn’t just nice sounding theory. I’m currently going through some personal adversity in my life where things have gone very off plan. My first reaction was to get upset and forget to be grateful and keep the unflinching faith. But then I remembered that this is the only time when all of these things really matter. And it all changed.

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