What Do You Do When the Market Closes?

The closing bell rings. You turn off your screens, reflect briefly on the trading day, and you’re off to relax. But wait. Have you ever wondered what the top traders are doing? You know, the ones making consistent 6 and 7 figures.

Well, I’ll tell you what they’re doing. They’re taking a brief rest, because they’re about to come back, sit down, and plunge into the charts.  They’re not happy to just go relax, because this isn’t a 9-5 job that they drag themselves into each day. Rather, they love it and all they can think of is getting  better. So they do the only thing that makes sense to them. They work on themselves and their trading.

They use the after hours to dig into their recent trading history and dissect the results. What’s working for them? What’s costing them money? What weaknesses do they need to overcome and strengths do they need to push? This is a time for introspection and skill building. They study themselves, their trading, and the markets. They look at historical charts and see what they can learn and how they can do better next time. The off hours have gifted them with more time to get better, and they gladly take that opportunity.

And they’ve been doing this all along. After the market close. During the evening. Over the weekend. Relentlessly driving to get better and better. And while they take appropriate rests and time off for rejuvenation, nothing invigorates them more than working on themselves and their craft.

So start to dedicate yourself like this and see what happens with your trading progress. You don’t need to do it night and day. Just make some time. Create an after hours routine where you highlight strengths and weaknesses to work on the next day, while also studying charts to improve your contextual market reading abilities. Put your heart in it and be disciplined about doing it consistently. But only if you want to be a top trader.

  • EasySkanking

    Word to your mother! :)

  • Bryce

    A related video: http://vimeo.com/27933991

    • Thanks for the video Bryce. It’s a good one I had seen a couple years ago. Relentless commitment. That’s what it takes…

  • Kishan Bobba

    Ziad Masri, Awais,

    As I said earlier your first blog post (or your ‘comment’ @ e-mini player) is ultimate and every other post is a derivative of it and they are all useful. Again thanks a lot for blogging.

    I would like to bring this to your attention. In our Indian culture practicing yoga is all about removing the excess. If one can able to remove the excess all he left with is the ‘core’. The one who is at the core of things his journey is effortless because he is close to reality. I am not a good writer but the idea was best expressed by Dr. Brett Steenbarger.


    Ziad Masri, Awais,
    How you both define Financial Markets? I mean if I ask you both to put it in few sentences.

    I am asking this question to enhance my perception.

    Thank you,

    Kishan Bobba

    • Hi Kishan. Thanks for the comment and the link. Dr. Steenbarger is truly great. As for how I would define the Financial Markets, I would say that they are the interplay of economic and human (behavioral and psychological) forces coming together to define a continually changing perception of value.

      • Kishan Bobba

        Thanks a lot Ziad Masri for the reply.
        You should look at the Indian Stock Index – NIFTY.
        After gold it may be your six figure generater :)
        The Rhyme and Rhythm of this Index is something worth to trade.
        Check it out

        • Interesting…. how’s the liquidity in that index as compared to Gold? Can big size be traded intraday?

          • Kishan Bobba

            Ziad Masri,

            Did sent you a E-Mail. Check that out

          • Kishan Bobba

            Ziad Masri,
            Did sent you a E-Mail. Check it out

          • Thanks I checked it out and sent you a reply..

  • Michael S.

    I was afraid this post was going to say something to the tune of “You shouldn’t be at your computer during off hours, you need to take time off when you get it and refresh your mind.” I suppose I’m not the only one with the passion to sit here day in and day out trying to improve myself even though I am a consistent trader.. Some of us want to be the best and that’s what it takes, good post though.

    • I hear you Michael. There’s far too much of that “you need to rest” talk. Yes, rest is important, but if we’re not working on ourselves relentlessly after hours, we’ll never reach our full potential. All the best to you with your goals.

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