How to Correctly Interpret Market Internals (Breadth)

This is a snippet from the weekly group coaching webinar that we hold for traders enrolled in the OpenTrader Pro Training Program. In this video, Ziad explains how to correctly interpret market internals / breadth (NYSE Advance/Decline and NYSE TICK).

  • Claude Matigen

    Hi Ziad,

    I just found this website, read all your articles, and feel great about them. I believe that you are the only one that talk about the trading psychology that is directly to the point. I am just wondering if you could talk about the stop loss psychology. For new traders like me, one of the major problems is unwilling to take losses. Increasing stop loss or removing stop loss is very common and I have hard time to control myself to prevent. Could you please give some insights as how to mentally accept stop losses? Thanks in advance.


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