How to deal with tough markets and drawdowns

This is a snippet from our weekly group coaching call that we hold for traders enrolled in our Professional Training Program. The trading environment has been tough for the last couple of weeks and in this video, Ziad explains how to deal with tough markets and drawdowns.

  • Petr

    Thank you Ziad for this video. Although I know the market has been tough recently and other traders are not performing so well right now, it is great to hear it in this straightforward way. And your advice to keep doing the right things, thinking inthe frame of long-term edge helped me a lot. I was able to put an aggressive long today right off the open.
    Not only that, also this whole blog and Your Mindset section in the Training has had such a big impact on my trading psychology. I learnt to deal with discomfort, frustration and adversity. I made a progress in so many aspects that it would take long to describe. I had to make mistakes and feel the pain first, then reviewed all you’ve learnt us here and in ProTraining and big change happened. I can’t imagine making such a huge progress without your help. Thank you for a great work you do for traders.

    • You’re very welcome Petr. I’m very happy to be a part of your trading journey and help you reach your goals. Great job with all the quick progress!

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